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How to Achieve Younger-Looking Skin Using An Anti-Aging Serum

Give your aging skin a speedy and seamless recovery by using the best anti-aging serum. Advanced Génifique features an enriched formula with seven pre- and probiotic fractions which acts on the skin microbiome, facilitating skin repair with an easy application.

How To Recover A Youthful-Looking Skin With Advanced Génifique

Being a powerful ally to reduce signs of aging,Advanced Génifique serum’s anti-aging benefits is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle serum with so many benefits that it has become an essential part of the skincare routine of women from all over the world. After a few uses of this serum, age spots get visibly improved to reveal younger-looking skin. Not only that but in just seven days the skin also looks more radiant and strong. New Advanced Génifique distinguishes itself by being a serum for mature skin enriched with a complex made of seven prebiotics and probiotics fractions, which provide balance to the skin’s microbiome. Aging skin shows a shorter recovery time, feels strong and looks visibly younger. Follow the steps below to correctly apply the face serum and get optimal results:

Step 1

Apply a dropper full of Advanced Génifique serum’s anti-aging benefits to clean hands. Gently rub them together to evenly distribute the formula.

Step 2

Start with your forehead and apply the face serum by using movements in an outward, upward direction.

Step 3

Smooth the skin serum along your cheekbones by making upward, lifting motions.

Step 4

Sweep our best anti-aging serum up from your chin to your temples.

Step 5

Use the remaining serumApply the remaining skincare serum on your neck and wait 30 seconds before finishing your routine with your favorite moisturizer

Every drop of Advanced Génifique’s enriched anti-aging formula delivers probiotic fractions to your skin. The self-loading dropper guarantees preciseness for a perfect dose each application. Shop for the best face serum here.


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