Blanc Expert Mask Bio Cellulose Mask

Blanc Expert Mask

Bio Cellulose Mask

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Unlike traditional sheet masks, the Blanc Expert Bio-Cellulose mask, fits perfectly on the skin surface to lock moisture, improve skin texture and reduce the visibility of imperfections and irregularities while ensuring your skin optimal comfort, like a second skin.
Restores skin radiance as it gives skin an intensive moisture boost.
1. Place the mask onto the face, starting from one cheek to another. Gently peel away the remaining protective film coating. Leave on for 10 minutes then remove and discard.
2. Gently massage the serum fi lm beginning on the center of the cheeks. Use the fi ngertips to massage in circular movements, increasing in size, as shown. Finish by sweeping under the eye and returning to the bridge of the nose. Repeat 3 times.
3. Using the thumbs make alternative gentle strokes beginning under and at the centre of the jaw line. Then going down the neck. Repeat same movements on another side.