Caroline de Maigret’s Bi-Facil Hack

“I discovered Bi-Facil on fashion shoots through professional makeup artists: they swear by this miracle product because it eliminates every last trace of makeup on eyes in one sweep, and all without irritation or losing few lashes on the way. It’s ideal for me because the biggest thing I dislike about makeup is taking it off. The most annoying part being mascara which I apply in several thick layers to create a bold look, and which always takes a long time to remove. My trick? I soak some cotton wool with Bi-Facil (after shaking) and I leave it to soak on the eyes for 10 minutes. Then, all I do is smooth the disk from top to bottom and the mascara melts away. It’s great. I’ll admit that it has become my best friend after nights out when I go out late and all I want to do is sink into bed when I get home. One piece of cotton wool on each eye takes everything off and then I’m off to bed!” Caroline de Maigret.

©Caroline de Maigret