Maximize your makeup in two simple steps

It’s time to push your makeup to stunning new limits. Discover two Lancôme primers designed for makeup perfectionists looking for fabulous, long-lasting hold and a flawless finish.

A first step to stunning makeup style

Primer, it’s the one beauty product you’re guaranteed to find backstage at fashion shows and in beauty addicts’ makeup bags alik – and for great reason. Once applied, it creates a perfectly light film over the skin that while invisible to the naked eye, making application easier and final results all the better. Better yet, it also helps makeup pigments stay in place for all day looks. Consider it perfect for satisfying the demands of even the pickiest of beauty and makeup lovers.

Two bases that spell complete primer addiction

1. La Base Pro Hydra Glow. A bare-skin effect makeup formula that’s designed to boost all-day hold and increase eye shadow’s vibrancy. Available in an extensive array of shades for every skin tone and ethnicity, simply smooth on for soft, velvety skin that becomes the perfect canvas for evenly applied shadow.

1. Aquatique. This nude, barely-there base makes eyeshadow application simple, all while helping to boost color and hold. Apply with your fingertips for a stodge-free finish and the perfect way to prep eyes for makeup. Better yet, to simply give eyes a hint of light shimmer, Aquatique works perfectly alone.