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Anti-stress skincare solutions for your thirties: Cream versus Liquid

At 30, skin that has been subjected to a double dose of stress and fatigue often teeters between overexertion and complete slowdown. So what’s the best complexion remedy for combatting the very first signs of aging? Find out now.

The Anti-Stress Option: Hydra Zen Day Cream


A day cream that helps the skin confront oxidizing stress, giving it the right amount of zenfulness to take on the hazards of the day.


Just a small dose of skincare cream is all it takes to comfort the face thanks to Hydra Zen’s super-fresh texture that melts on contact with the skin to bring long-lasting comfort. The result? Softer and smoother skin that simply glows with happiness.

Who for?

For the most stressed amongst us dealing with the type of full-on schedule that can tighten features, this cream delivers spectacular results, offering up plenty of vitality even in the most hectic of periods.

Hydra Zen Day Cream, Lancôme.

The Energizing Option: Énergie de Vie Liquid Care


A skin starter that refreshes dull and tired skin so it can take on day after long day of stress without the slightest problem.


Tap on a small amount with fingertips so that the formula’s light and watery texture can release active ingredients across the face, chase away even the slightest sign of skin fatigue and early aging and generally whip the complexion into shape.

Who for?

Anybody harassed by fatigue looking to re-energize the skin.

Énergie de Vie Liquid Care, Lancôme.

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