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The perfect anti-aging night cream prep

Experts agree, properly removing makeup every evening is essential for sloughing away pollutants, micro-particles and any makeup pigments that have built up on the skin over the day. Consider it the perfect skin saver for cleansing, purifying and putting the skin in the best possible position to recuperate overnight.

However, for softer and cleaner skin, why not go one step further by opting for a little light exfoliation at the end of the day so skin can benefit from all the active ingredients packed into your night cream?

After all, in polluted cities, dirt particles can be so small that classic makeup removers often struggle to dislodge them. Instead, a light exfoliant can properly eliminate all the impurities and dead skin cells that can build up. The result is skin that is all the more prepped for when skin regeneration kicks in and all the more receptive to any anti-aging ingredients applied to it.

The technique to try:

1) Cleanse the skin with Lancôme’s Exfoliance Confort gentle exfoliating formula that’s packed with nourishing, active-ingredient rich microbeads.

2) Then simply complete with Lancôme’s Visionnaire Night, a super-soft night cream that eliminates fatigue, hydrates and erases signs of aging while you sleep.

Exfoliance Confort, Lancôme.

Visionnaire Night, Lancôme.

©Nicolas Valois

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