-Winter Skincare Tips-

Get ready for winter with these skincare-maximizing tips

Time to make the most of winter’s longer nights to rejuvenate and renew your skin.

Fact: once night falls, the mind and spirit finally relax. Yet, for the skin, nighttime’s the ideal time to swing into action and regenerate. And while it’s hard to watch as summer gives way to winter and days shorten from an average of sixteen hours to just eight, there is good news. Because as evenings get longer, the amount of sleep we get also increases, making it the perfect time to pamper your skin and apply a skincare treatment.

Look no further than these two anti-fatigue boosting formulas filled with active anti-aging ingredients that will amp up skin function while you sleep:

Énergie De Vie Nuit Rejuvenating Night Mask by Lancôme.
This nighttime rejuvenating skincare cream comes to the rescue of any complexion on the verge of burnout. While its surprisingly texture offers a feeling of unbelievable freshness, its formula that breaks into water on application works wonders to wake up the features.

Rénergie Crème Modelage de Nuit by Lancôme.
We all know that massage delivers great benefits for the face. So this new treatment makes use of a few essential beauty moves to firm facial tissue while revitalizing and brightening the face, neck and cleavage. Simply use just before bed to make the most of those long winter nights.

Énergie De Vie Nuit, Night Rejuvenating Mask, Lancôme

Rénergie Crème Modelage de Nuit, Lancôme

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