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Winter glow

Fact: During the winter skin can soon become dull and much less vibrant, leaving your features looking tired, dull, and strained. That all goes without mentioning the negative effect cold temperatures can have on the skin’s protective, moisture-rich film, leaving your face more likely to get dehydrated quickly.

So how can we take care of our skin and our complexion so it can do its job as best as possible? By opting for a great all-around anti-aging skincare serum such as Advanced Génifique by Lancôme. Boasting a secret formula that’s trademarked until 2029, this skin protector revitalizes the skin by targeting each and every last sign of skin aging ­– from hydration, to evening skin tone, and boosting glow. Simply apply with some light pressure to refresh the complexion and give the face a hint of subtle glow until warmer days return.

Advanced Génifique, Lancôme.

©Nicolas Valois

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