Auda(City) London, the Latest Makeup Must-Have by Lisa Eldridge

It’s the makeup creation from Lisa Eldridge, the queen of makeup that we’ve all been waiting for, especially as this Londoner uses it to pay homage to her hometown.

When Lisa Eldridge, Lancôme Creative Director of Makeup takes inspiration from London to design the very latest Auda(city) color palette, you can’t help but think of a product that blends the classic-meets-avant-garde character of the city. And you’d be right. With a black lacquer case emblazoned with the London skyline setting the tone, Eldridge has had fun, reworking the colors of the British landscape dear to her heart to create four beautiful color stories.

Discover “metallic harmonies and golden hues that recall the crown jewels, purple shades that are directly inspired by foggy British mornings, gray tones that call to mind the stone buildings of London and a range of greens that are just as leafy as the city’s lush squares.” All accompanied by four iridescent top coats that allow you to give any look a shimmering twist in the blink of an eye, so you can make an all-too classic look completely evening ready.

The cherry on the cake? The palette comes with an ingenious little brush that’s rounded on one end for creating fresh and youthful preppy-style eyelids, and beveled on the other, so you can bring a swinging sixties pop-like vibe to your look. All in all, it’s a smart multi-tasker that will bend to every beautiful whim for a look that’s as trendy as it is British.

Auda[City] In London, 16-shadow palette, Lancôme.