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The key to holiday happiness

Just as the end-of-year celebrations speed into sight, get ready for your happiest holiday season yet – all thanks to a little generosity!

It has been proven: showing generosity to others makes us happy. It’s as if we can capture the happiness hormones our near and dear send our way. Sure, we all love to get gifts during the Christmas and holiday season, but seeing others’ reactions when they open the gifts we have chosen for them is just as nice. Plus, it boosts our self-confidence, makes us feel proud and leaves us feeling happier. But there isn’t just one way to be generous, we share four you might not have considered:

It’s an unparalleled act of kindness, yet we seem to smile less and less. As well as saying thank you why not smile to the salesperson who has helped you find that perfect gift to slip under the tree?

Taking a moment to listen to a friend or family member can be a very generous way to give your time, no matter whether they’re discussing a topic that’s troubling them, or simply just important in their life.

Mealtimes with family can make for a wonderful shared moment, if not just for the time spent putting together the meal, but for everything that goes along with it to gather everyone around the table for one convivial moment.

Think beautiful for an evening
Getting dressed up for an evening’s festivities isn’t just nice for yourself, it can show you care about others. Why not turn to a few of these Lancôme essentials that have become tried-and-true go-tos the world over with 1) a serum like Advanced Génifique for a stunning complexion, 2) a layer of Grandiôse for fluttering lashes 3) a touch of lip color with LAbsolu Rouge for beautiful lips and 4) a splash of the warm La Vie Est Belle fragrance?

Advanced Génifique, Lancôme.
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