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Khôl makeup versus eye liner: How to make up your eyes for a festive party look

It’s the key part of any beautiful party look, so what type of eye makeup will you turn to this upcoming party season? Something graphic? Something refined? Or, just a little traditional eye liner? How about something smoky, gradient or powder-soft created with a bold khôl pencil? Compare and contrast and then ace your ultimate seasonal look.

Graphic Eyeliner: Grandiôse Liner

The very first liquid eye liner that’s able to hit all the angles you want it to, thanks to its incredibly flexible tip that bends up to 35°. The result becomes professional makeup artist-worthy precision on both eyes.

The secret to a pretty and even line of graphic liner come party night comes with the perfect makeup prep. To maximize Grandiôse Liner’s color pigments and reveal its beautiful color, the eyelid must be entirely makeup-free. That means no powder or eyeshadow. Secondly, it’s always easier to draw a line if your lashes have been coated with some volumizing mascara such as Grandiôse. Our last tip? The closer your line sits to the lash line, the more natural the overall result will look.

Who for?
Anybody looking for a stunningly graphic liner look but fears mistakes. Thanks to Grandiôse Liner’s flexible liner tip, super sophisticated eyeliner makeup looks become absolute child’s play.

Grandiôse Liner, Lancôme.Grandiôse, Lancôme.

Smoky eye looks: Le Crayon Khôl

A smooth, incredibly creamy makeup crayon pencil that marries precision (thanks to its stunning glide-on formula) with bold intensity (thanks to smoky and smudgy black pigments).

For a bold smoky eye look, start by slipping a little liner along the edge of the upper lash line. Then repeat on the lower line. For more boldness, add a little more along the waterline and into the inner eye. For the final step and to create a smoked gradient look, blur the product towards the inner corners using a brush.

Who For?
Thanks to its pigment-rich formula, this eyeliner holds steadfast even if you’re dancing the night away, making it perfect for smoky eye addicts and anybody worried about pigments slipping on the upper lid.

Le Crayon Khôl, Lancôme.

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