Revive and rejuvenate your complexion with a second-skin mask treatment

We all know that Advanced Génifique works on many of the signs of facial aging by firming skin and improving elasticity. But today, thanks to a new natural bio-cellulose mask, Lancôme is able to further boost its serum’s anti-aging results* after seven days’ use with a new 20-minute anti-aging formula. We explore the latest:

What’s the skin-brightening and plumping secret behind this new 20-minute Génifique mask?

Directly inspired by Asian beauty trends, this new technology works with fibers used in regeneration processes in a way that could revolutionize our beauty habits. By fusing to the face’s natural contours much like a second skin, it improves the effectiveness of your daily dose of Advanced Génifique anti-aging serum so it can get to work dispersing active anti-aging ingredients more evenly across the face, leaving you with a brighter, plumper, more refreshed complexion. In other words — a younger-looking face in just 20 minutes.

And that’s not all!
? Leaving this mask on your face for 20 minutes offers up a relaxing moment of pampering and a sensory treat that helps you relax and let go as soon as it’s applied to the skin.
? Beauty tip: leave it in the refrigerator for a few moments before using, to create the ultimate in refreshing, yet wonderfully beautifying sensations.

Génifique Youth Activating Second Skin Mask, Lancôme.

* “Comparative study of masks versus serums across 64 subjects”