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A moment with Arthur and Philippine, artistic directors and producers at André Saraiva’s legendary Paris club, Castel.

As artistic directors and location scouts, Arthur and Philippine know the French capital like the backs of their hand. We meet the inseparable duo to discuss what gets them abuzz.

If Paris were a piece of music what would it be?

"Ulysse and the sea" by our friends, Papooz. Perhaps because we’re listening to them a lot at the moment. It’s the perfect way to start a day in Paris.

Which spots epitomize what you love about Paris?

Philippine: The Palais Royal gardens, which is just as perfect for coffee or lunch with friends as it is to just relax. Otherwise I really like the Swedish Institute with its cobblestone courtyard, garden and delicious teas and soups! Finally, I love the Arènes de Lutèce amphitheater on Rue Monge for a game of ping-pong.
Jardins du Palais Royal, 6 Rue Montpensier, 75001 Paris.
Swedish Institute, 11 Rue Payenne, 75003 Paris.
Arènes de Lutèce, 49 Rue Monge, 75005 Paris.

Arthur: Without hesitation the Palais Royal gardens for the same reasons as Philippine. I also love the Nemours for pre-dinner drinks and its oh-so Parisian atmosphere. Finally, I love the Rodin museum and its gardens. I used to lived nearby so I got in the habit of going.
Le Nemours, 2 Place Colette, 75001 Paris.
Musée Rodin, 79 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris.

Do you have any favorite Parisian habits?

Philippine: I have a few. Firstly the simple pleasure of crossing the Seine, walking over a different bridge each time I go. Then there’s making a pitstop to enjoy a café terrace and my Thursday night-out, which is something I can never get enough of.
Arthur: My morning routine that includes coffee + newspaper + café terrace. And I also have an evening one with drinks + friends + café terrace.

Do you have a particularly special memory of Paris?

The Paris marathon! It was a huge pleasure to cross the city without seeing a single car.

How would you describe the typical Parisienne?

Philippine: Straight off, I think of icons like Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn, both women with a strong sense of style and a unique bond with Paris, but who aren’t necessarily French.
Arthur: It’s hard to say, I’m more into the French charm than just the Parisian. It has become a bit of a cliché nowadays.

Describe your beauty rituals. In what way would you describe it as Parisian?

Arthur and Philippine: We regularly hit our gym in the 2nd arrondissement. There’s nothing better for breathing fresh life into your skin, toning your body and lifting your mood. It’s very Parisian to stay indoors and work out isn’t it?
Philippine: I love keeping my hair in shiny, healthy condition. The best way is to rinse the lengths in cold water.

Name a beauty dare or no-go

Philippine: Without hesitation, sunglasses after 10pm, which should be totally forbidden.

What gets you out of bed on difficult mornings?

Philippine: I don’t usually have any difficulty getting up, or the time to think about it, for the simple reason that my cat, Mumbai, makes me!
Arthur: A thought for Philippine who got up before me to feed the cat and get the breakfast ready! Works every time.

Do you have a mood-boosting mantra or something in your everyday that makes you smile

Philippine: “Good news always makes me smile, that’s why I force myself to make it.” It’s more than just a daily attitude, I use it as feel-good mantra.

Do you have any particular beauty habits you’d like to share?

Arthur and Philippine: It’s totally basic, but it’s by far the most efficient: sleep. Whenever you can, both full restorative nights’ sleep and short recuperative naps can help soothe the complexion and straighten the body.

Name a good place for coffee.

Arthur: Le Saint-Gervais on Rue Vieille du Temple, it’s a café brasserie that serves traditional food and our meeting spot with friends. We go for the atmosphere and the excellent coffee.
Le Saint-Gervais, 96 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris.

For lunch with friends?

Philippine: 42 degrés in the 9th arrondissement, the first raw organic restaurant in Paris. To cut a long story short, nothing here is cooked above 42°C to help maintain all the natural nutrients, vitamins and enzymes found in the produce. It’s a great place to eat well, as well as healthily.

Name the best place for a walk with friends, your partner or the kids?

Our favorite walk usually starts at the Palais Royal and finishes at the Orangerie, with a little stop in the Tuileries...

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