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Five simple tips for beautifully better days

As the sun sets on your day and you take stock, positivity can sometimes flag. Read on for five fail-safe tricks you can use to reverse the trend.

Move for 30 minutes

We’re not necessarily talking about doing sport for 30 minutes straight here. After all, it has been proven that doing some kind of physical activity such as walking, dancing, gardening or even housework can increase feelings of wellbeing and make you feel more at ease with yourself.

Do a good deed

There are 1000 small ways to do good every day. Hold a door open, bring a coffee to a co-worker, smile when you see a neighbor. The more we’re kind to others, the more we feel compassion, gratitude and enjoy a sense of community and belonging.

Chat with a loved one for five minutes

From setting the world to rights with your best friend, to calling a sibling or texting your man, no matter whether it’s face to face or long distance, a daily connection with someone near and dear immediately increases happiness and creates a moment that can be savored again during the day as and when you think of it.

Laugh out loud

By releasing endorphins, laughter makes for an incredible stress-buster. Just one moment’s laughter can help you see the more positive side of life while bringing you together with others.

Savor something you love

Truly enjoying a square of chocolate or a special dessert in moderation without any sense of guilt can become a real moment of pleasure that perfectly punctuates the day.