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Get party-ready with a radiant, glowing complexion that will hold all evening long

A glowing complexion is great. But perfectly hydrated, fresh, well-prepped skin is even better. Translation: After a long day at work there’s nothing better than properly removing makeup before reapplying. And for good reason, because it’s this crucial step which helps get rid of all the impurities that have built up over the day that can bring dullness to the complexion, and allow skin to glow again for an entire evening. The result gives more life and depth to makeup 100% naturally.

The best way to remove makeup, Lancôme’s step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Remove any stubborn traces of makeup with a little cotton wool soaked with Bi-Facil for eyes. Step 2. Next, remove makeup across the rest of the face with Lait Galatée Confort and some cotton wool. Step 3. Press some Tonique Douceur on to the face to refresh the skin and enjoy a moment of wellbeing.

Finally to envelop the skin in an aura of brightness

1/Apply a little anti-aging serum such as Advanced Ge?nifique across the face and allow its slightly velvety texture to help to boost shine.

2/ Then brighten eyes with some Advanced Ge?nifique Eye Light-Pearl which delivers Advanced Ge?nifique’s star active ingredients to the eye area and chases away signs of fatigue with the help of a massage bead that moves 360°.

All that is left to do? Reapply your makeup!

Bi-Facil, Lait Galate?e Confort, Tonique Douceur, Advanced Ge?nifique, Advanced Ge?nifique Eye Light-Pearl , Lancome.

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