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Matte versus Cream: The best winter lip color

It may seem obvious, but there’s nothing like a bold red lip look to bring warmth to a winter complexion. So, when it comes to lip texture, which is the best makeup product pick? Discover the right answer for you:

L’Absolu Rouge in Matte

What? The stunning matte version of the Lancôme classic lip color with its ultra-creamy, super comfortable formula that coats lips in a pretty layer of light-reflective pigment to bring color, depth and brightness to any smile.

How? Thanks to Pro-Xylane, a star active ingredient which hydrates, increases collagen and boosts lips with the help of a soft complex loaded with smoothing powder soft beads and transparent oil for non-sticky application.

Who for? Anybody on the hunt for a super sophisticated result and a high concentration of pigments that make for a bold matte lip color and a guaranteed matte sheen finish. The bonus? It pairs perfectly with winter’s more sultry shades.

L’Absolu Rouge, Lancôme.

L’Absolu Rouge in Cream

What? L’Absolu Rouge’s iconic, soft, all-enveloping formula in a sheen that glides onto lips leaving them feeling hydrated and looking bright.

How? With a formula that’s been designed to work like a treatment, this lip makeup color combines ceramide 5, hydrating and protective Pro-Xylane and antioxidant-rich vitamin E that’s known to help maintain lip beauty.

Who for? For anybody looking for complete lip protection and unbeatable shine. L’Absolu Rouge cream brightens the complexion to become the perfect way to accentuate any makeup look.

L’Absolu Rouge, Lancôme.

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