Banish dark circles with the right blush

It may be hard to believe, yet it’s true. When properly applied in the right spot, a touch of pink blush makeup across cheeks can reduce dark circles and wake up facial features. It’s an expert tip that’s unbeatable for nixing signs of fatigue brought on by late nights and towards the end of the year, a party-packed schedule.

Top tip
First, remember that it’s useless to layer up several under-eye creams and treatments; tapped on with the index or middle finger, one cream by itself is more than enough. Next, choose a pink blush shade with a texture that can be worked onto the skin with fingers for a natural finish and an authentic-looking healthy glow. For the ideal texture, go for a Lancôme Cushion Blush Subtil and using the washable anti-bacterial powder puff that’s included, buff color high up onto the cheekbones and right underneath under-eye shadows. Then with the fingers, blend the product into the skin in circular movements. For a result that creates fresh rosy cheeks that also draw the eye away from under-eye circles, go for a dusky pink that pairs with winter’s darker tones perfectly and seamlessly helps lift cheeks.

Consider it a great gift for yourself come Christmas and the perfect way to foster a healthy glow all while boosting self-confidence. After all, it’s well known that the more you feel good about yourself, the more you glow.

Cushion Blush Subtil, Lancôme.

© Pawel Pysz

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