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An Absolu Rouge makeover

Boasting a new jewel-like case and an entirely new range of lip shades, L’Absolu Rouge’s newly made-over lip color brings renewed texture to the lips with new sheer and cream finishes. Read on for everything you need to know about this thoroughly modern update of a cosmetic classic.

How does L’Absolu Rouge achieve bold lip color with just one lip-accentuating coat?
Even though L’Absolu Rouge is now available in several new textures, each new formula has been designed to work like a lip treatment with every application.

For sheer results that still glow with bold color, Lancôme research labs have created a unique blend of waxes, transparent oils, collagen-boosting Pro-Xylane, ceramide 5 to counteract general loss of plumpness, shea butter extract and jojoba oil to guarantee eight full hours of lip hydration and comfort.

For a cream impact with rich color results, antioxidant-packed vitamin E meets ceramide 5 and Pro-Xylane to protect the lip surface.

And that’s not all!
? Across the entire range, Lisa Eldridge, Artistic Director of Makeup, has created 50 warm new pink and red lip shades, meaning you’ll always have the right color at your fingertips.
? Lip art fan? Lisa Eldridge advises opting for two complementary shades and blending them with the darker shade around the edge and the lighter applied inside.

L’Absolu Rouge, Lancôme.

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