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Can your foundation makeup protect your face from the elements?

Winter is fast approaching and with it cold weather that’s set to disrupt the skin’s beauty equilibrium. Think: rapid changes in temperature, overheated surroundings and indoor and outdoor pollution, all daily issues that bother and irritate the skin.

Time to pair your protective skincare cream with a foundation makeup that also works to weatherproof the skin. But, we’re not talking any old foundation here. After all, while foundation naturally offers a physical veil of protection, it’s important to choose a formula that meets these special criteria:

1/ By offering up solid skin moisture and hydration. When it’s cold, some foundations tend to leave the skin feeling dry, tight and pulled. Instead, choose a hydrating formula that also bolsters the results of your day cream. Consider Lancôme’s Teint Miracle, which contains 37% pure water and rose essential oil extracts to sooth the skin and banish discomfort when the temperatures dip.

2/ By containing SPF sun protection. We often forget that UVA rays known to cause sun damage and premature aging that can affect the skin all year.

Teint Miracle SPF 15, Lys Rose?, Lancome.

@Nicolas Valois

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