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Oil versus cream: What’s the best way to protect your skin in cold winter weather?

Come winter, sudden changes in temperature, icy breezes and indoor heating can weaken the skin’s natural defense barrier. But don’t worry, depending on your skin type, there are some great ways you can protect your skin from the hazards of the cold season.

Facial Oil: Absolue Precious Oil

What? Complete with rose essential oil and seven vegetal oils that have been especially selected for their nourishing, reconstructive skincare properties, this cocktail proves unbeatable for replenishing the face’s intercorneocytory cement which is often affected by changes in temperature.

How to? Apply as-is in between your facial lotion and serum and this oil melts into the skin to intensely nourish and regenerate the skin for a fresh, glowing complexion.

Who for? For anybody who loves soft, silky feeling skin and craves a protective coat to help combat harmful outside chills.

Absolue Precious Oil, Lancôme.

Cream: Hydra Zen Day Cream

What? A silky-smooth day skincare cream that forms a light film on the surface of the skin to protect it from everyday aggressors such as cold temperatures and wind that can dehydrate and weaken the complexion.

How to? Apply evenly every morning either alone or alongside a serum by massaging across a clean face and neck.

Who for? For anybody whose skin can’t deal with a heavy moisturizing cream, but still suffers from sudden changes in temperature. In short, anybody craving bright, radiant skin that’s protected with whisper-light comfort.

Hydra Zen Crème de Jour, Lancôme.

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