Color your world with Grandiôse Extrême

Color your world with Grandiôse Extrême

Proving that makeup should always encourage freedom of expression, Lancôme has designed three new ways to help you showcase your distinct style.

Make mascara your beauty ally
Think mascara is a gimmick? Not when you take into consideration the fact that close to 70% of women say that they use it at least five days a week and a third say they apply it every day. That makes for roughly one billion mascaras sold across the world each year. It’s hardly surprising then, that mascara is considered many French women’s main beauty purchase (44%)*. Yet while it remains one of the most frequently used cosmetics products, it’s also available in the widest range of varieties and can be one of the hardest to use, because as the most multi-dimensional part of the face, the eyes with their curves and hollows harbor plenty of hard-to-reach spots.

The best way to overcome this product pitfall comes courtesy of Lancôme, with its mission to use innovation to improve women’s everyday lives and solve the difficulties many mascara users have identified in workshops with great new solutions.*

A Grandiôse mascara revolution In 2014 Lancôme pulled together its mascara know-how to create Grandiôse, a retro-futurist shaped tool which took mascara to beautiful new heights. Two revolutionary new features have made it even easier to use: 1/ A swan-neck shaped wand, which tilted at a 25° angle, can adapt perfectly to the contours of the face and avoid cheeks, nose and brow bones. 2/ A high-tech brush with two differently sized bristles arranged like an open flower help to catch, separate and coat lashes from root to tip. The resulting beauty gem hasn’t just charmed women, it has also successfully scooped over 20 international prizes.

Lashes that go the distance In 2016, Lancôme went a step further with the bold release of Grandiôse Extrême, a special volumizing formula designed by house experts to thicken lashes like never before. Great news for bold makeup lovers and a surefire way to achieve daring lashes that are perfect for expressing individuality.

Grandiôse Extrême gets colorful
Now for 2017, Lancôme is raising the bar again, this time by offering up new colorful line-up of Grandiôse Extrême mascaras in three chic new shades, each as surprising as the next and featuring #02 Brun, a bold chestnut tone; #03 Bleu Nuit, a dark navy shade; and #04 Burgundy, a super-chic plum color. In other words, everything you need to create your very own makeup fantasy, with one important condition: you should always be faithful to yourself.

#02 Brun, #03 Bleu Nuit, #04 Burgundy, Grandiôse Extrême Colors, Lancôme.

*1 Consumer & Market Intelligence. 2012 Cosmetics Category Incidence Check - Mascara Category *2 Survey of 8,568 women in France, Great Britain, Spain, Germany and Italy between May, 3 and 17, 2010, of which 1,664 were in France.

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