Make mist your new anti-aging go-to

Make mist your new anti-aging go-to

Promising direct benefits for general wellbeing, there’s nothing like a few good cosmetics moves for making you feel good every day.

At least that’s been the focus of a study from CNRS Director and Sociologist Claude Fischler which dispels any doubt on the link between beauty and wellbeing.

Racing against the clock as they go, women pick up an average of 15 different activities a day. Something that makes for a tense mood from morning to evening. Using Day Reconstruction Methodology, (DRM) it’s now possible to evaluate the emotional outcome of each and every one of these activities (public transport, work, sport etc.) as they punctuate the day.

The beauty and wellbeing cycle
Surprisingly, the analysis confirms it: some of the best moments of the day are those that directly linked to beauty and skincare as women dedicate an average of 53 minutes to beauty with a wellbeing correlation of 3.02 out of 6 (versus 2.4 with regards to other activities) *So is taking good care of yourself truly beneficial for forging day-to-day wellbeing? For Patrick O’Quin, President of the FEBEA (The Federation of Beauty Businesses) the fact that “cosmetics improve women’s lives” is a foregone conclusion and goes so far as to suggest that they can even contribute to the “quality of our relationships with others.”

Beauty’s latest wellbeing boosters
So what’s the best way to maximize your wellbeing no matter how busy your day? The answer lies with a new slew of spritz-on beauty essences and facial mists from Asia. From Lancôme, comes Absolue L'Extrait’sEau de Soin and a new treatment that works to hydrate and energize with each and every pump. Simply repeat several times a day for a skin-quenching dose of antioxidant-rich, soothing and regenerative rose water-based actives that help the skin confront numerous outside irritants that can make skin sensitive during the day. Consider it an easy anti-aging move that refreshes without a moment’s thought and at any given moment to fill the day with a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Absolue L'Extrait Eau de Soin , Lancôme.

* Study on 311 women aged between 25 and 50 from May 2016

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