Winter-ready metallics

Winter-ready metallics

For a look that proves more striking than simple matte makeup, eyelids are going metallic this winter with the help of a bold new trend that’s perfect for casting light over pale complexions. Ace the look with the help of these rules.

Bored of the classic charcoal or chocolatey brown eye makeup, but looking for dramatic results? Then there’s good news as metallics have started to make a bold comeback for the start of the year, for jewel-box gorgeousness that’s best worn on its own like a fashion accessory. In small touches, it douses the face with reflective light brings sparkle to the eyes.

How to ace metallic eye makeup:

1. Make the perfect complexion your priority. It’s the first golden rule of metallic makeup, after all it would be a shame for an imperfection to distract from a strong metallic look. Makeup artists recommend opting for a lightly iridescent foundation to insure an even complexion and a glowing face that allows metallics to create a halo effect.

2. Match your shade to your skin tone. Rosy cheeks? It’s best to go for a calming tone or a contrasting color such as a green, gray or silver shade that won’t play up cheeks’ pinkness. For pale skin, there’s nothing prettier than going for warmth, which depending on the time of day or your mood can mean bronze, copper or brown. For mixed-race skin, why not play with warmth by pairing gold and copper with a hint of color, khaki or brown? Metallic shades look incredible on black skin, meaning you can opt for anything purples to khakis, browns to golden tones.

3. Magnify your metallics with products that will hold steadfast as the day or evening goes on. The best choice? Pigment-rich stick eyeshadows like Lancôme’s Ombres Hypnôse Stylos which are easy to apply, simple to blend and effortless to layer across eyelids for a result that’s all your own.

4. Create an exaggerated finish. Finish up with a touch of mascara such as Lancôme’s Grandiose Extrême to bring unbeatable boldness to lashes and create a strong dark contrast to metallic shine -- all the way from root to tip.

5. Avoid clashing color effects and metallic finishes. The only place you’ll see metallic blue paired with a bright lip with stunning artistic results is on the pages of a glossy magazine. In the real world, daylight can prove harsh so for lips and cheeks it’s always better to opt for softer, more subdued shades such as beiges and dusky pinks.

Ombres Hypnôse Stylo in #16 Passion Passiflore, #17 Kaki Voyageur, #18 Pépite Amazone, Lancôme. Mascara Grandiôse Extrême in #01 Noir Extrême, Lancôme.

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