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Iconic eyes
What do Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Amy Winehouse have in common? All three of these superstar style icons had their very own take on eyeliner. For Amy Winehouse that meant extra bold winged eyeliner. And, for Brigitte Bardot, doe-eyed beauty. From graphic to slim and discreet, from emphasized to audacious, there’s no doubting the fact that liner can fast-track you to a unique look that’s in-step with your personality. Better yet, it can also help bring out eye color, or with a strong slick of eyeliner, make eyes look bolder.

The pro pick
It will come as no surprise then that eyeliner is considered a makeup artist must-have for accentuating actresses’ eyes. In fact, the pros often adapt it by bending the wand to increase dexterity and boost creativity. Something which didn’t escape Lancôme’s Creative Director of Makeup, Lisa Eldridge’s attention when she designed Grandiôse Liner Colors with its 35° angled wand. On application, that makes for complete freedom of movement and 360° creativity.

Unleash your imagination with Grandiôse Liner Colors
The other benefit of Grandiôse Liner Colors? Its handy pivot and tip which can be folded and used in a straight or curved position. Use tilted to simply and intuitively create a line all the way along the upper lashes -- from inner corner to outer edge. Or, straight on, why not use to draw in small dots, crosses or even Chinese characters? Whichever you pick, prepare to create a host of gorgeous looks, all in the blink of an eye and without the slightest slip-up. Put it down to its super slim-tipped, bendable nylon, resin and microfiber brush, which at just 0.2mm makes for amazing precision. Another bonus, is its sleek dip-in design which means you can soak the right amount of makeup onto the brush tip.

Pulsating Grandiôse color
Last but not least, because Lancôme likes to bring colorful shimmer to women’s eyes, you’ll find Grandiôse Liner Colors in six matte and metallic hues. Discover Matte Fuschia, a brightly iridescent color that pairs perfectly with darker eyes; Metallic Violet that’s filled with micro pearls to play up the greens in brown eyes; Metallic Cerulean, a sparkling teal blue that’s great for grayish blue or brown eyes; Matte Sapphire, a royal blue in a fashionably matte shade; Silver Snow a metallic gray color that looks particularly sharp when worn on light blue eyes; and Metallic green, a shimmering lush forest green that’s made all the more beautiful when paired with brown eyes.

Grandiôse Liner Colors #03 Matte Saphir, #04 Matte Fuschia, #05 Metallic Violet, #06 Metallic Cerulean, #07 Silver Snow, #08 Metallic Green, Lancôme.

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