Makeup meets wellbeing

If there’s one thing makeup addicts all crave, it’s a combined sense of beauty and wellbeing. To which Absolue Cushion replies with the very latest way to improve the look of the skin all while boosting wellbeing in one speedy and stunning move.

Skincare and self care
From Paris to Beijing, beauty lovers across the world are making health and wellbeing a real priority* In fact, wellbeing has become something of an international beauty obsession as over 71% of French women think of it as the key to happiness and the Chinese, consider it their number one lifestyle value*. In the makeup world, it’s a trend that brings barefaced beauty to the fore, leaving fake-looking complexions by the wayside.

Complete beauty
It’s a fact: the line between skincare and makeup is slowly disappearing. Something which, according to Pascale Brousse, founder of the specialist health and beauty trend agency Trend Sourcing, “is a health revolution that requires products to guarantee health benefits, feel-good sensuality and technical potential.”

Makeup with feel-good factor
Always at the leading edge of beauty innovation, Lancôme’s setting a new trend. Now on the heels of the success of its three-in-one, part serum, part oil, part foundation L’Absolue Fluide and Miracle Cushion, comes a new hit, L’Absolue Cushion. The idea behind this savvy fusion? Total skin self confidence, wellbeing and beauty.

So can a foundation really get to work on these three feel-good factors? The answer lies with the three secrets behind Lancôme’s L’Absolue Cushion:

Boasting a formula that’s designed to be just as efficient as one of the other creams in the Absolue line, L’Absolue Cushion’s Adenosin-enriched formula plumps the skins, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and activates collagen synthesis to give skin tissue improved texture. Complete with three different types of oil (rose, camelia and citrus), skin is smoothed, softened and nourished. Add to that a host of gold pigments and you have everything you need to bring a hint of golden glow to the face.

With the help of Miracle Cushion’s highly successful Polar Technology, L’Absolue Cushion delivers the perfect amount of product for great coverage and sophisticated results.And all available in three well-designed new shades that make for complexion perfection no matter your skin tone.

Because the right makeup moves boost wellbeing, L’Absolue Cushion serves up a few new features with:

1/ A special double-sided, petal-shaped applicator pad that makes for easier reach across the face and velvety soft comfort.
2/ A kissably soft kabuki brush that’s designed to help blend in the makeup for unbeatably natural results. Absolue Cushion, Lancôme.

* Nielsen study, 2014 – https://www.premiumbeautynews.com/fr/advanced-integrative-care-quelle,8023 –
* Advanced Integrative Care “ Trend Sourcing Study.