BB cream versus Miracle Cushion for sensitive winter skin

It’s what everyone looks for in a foundation today: great coverage for imperfections and a formula that both protects and corrects while looking natural. Yet, come winter, this two-fer can prove hard to find, especially for faces that are tight and lacking in softness or suppleness. Enter the right skin-protecting solution, but which is best, a BB Cream or the Miracle Cushion? Read on for the reply.

Hydra Zen BB Cream

What? A tinted cream that’s part treatment, part makeup and made with a super-soft blendable texture that instantly nourishes the skin to leave it feeling softer, more supple, relaxed and entirely more comfortable while mineral pigments subtly conceal imperfections.

How? Simply work into the face with fingertips or a brush, moving outwards from the center to the edges to create an even complexion. Use alone or as a base for other makeup. The bonus? This BB Cream works alongside the other products in the Hydra Zen line.

Who? For anybody who loves soft, blendable textures that envelop the skin but hate that noticeable product feeling on the face. When smoothed on, Hydra Zen BB Crème leaves nothing but a supple and soft feeling across the skin, making it ideal for anybody looking to calm sensitive skin that’s made tight by sudden changes in temperature. Hydra Zen BB Crème, Lancôme.

Miracle Cushion Foundation

What? A unexpected part-liquid, part-compact formula that combines skincare capabilities with color correction by combining emollients and glycerin to boost skin’s water content and achieve softer and smoother skin and improved skin for four hours*. It’s a dream for skin that tends to feel tight in winter.

How? Just press the soft cushion applicator to release the right dose of tinted liquid formula, which when applied melts away to leave a soft veil of foundation and a fresh-looking complexion and light and bright skin.**

Who? For anybody who prefers a watery light liquid formula, Miracle Cushion is as soft and silky as a serum, but also rich in oil for hydrating results and bright skin even in winter. And that all goes without mentioning its super-handy, portable design that makes it ideal for anybody who likes to retouch makeup throughout the day and feel fresh and clean until evening. Miracle Cushion, Lancôme.

*Instrumental test
**Thermographic testing -- measuring the skin’s decrease in temperature celsius across forehead immediately after application.

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