Winter skin protection

Between indoor heating and chilly gusts of wind, winter truly puts skin to the test. And while cheeks made rosy by the wind can make the face look more youthful, it’s still necessary to comfort and protect the face and prevent it from being marked by the season. Discover two new picks for day and night skin protection.

When the thermometer starts to drop, the skin’s naturally protective hydrolipidic film starts to thin out and lose effectiveness as it’s confronted with winter chills. Meanwhile, as the skin becomes more exposed and loses elasticity it can develop small, yet chronic irritations and fine lines caused by dehydration, leaving the skin feeling uncomfortable, irritated and tight. To counteract this chain reaction and avoid ‘inflamaging’, it’s important to help the skin reinforce its protective barrier every time you go out so you can give it needs to stay hydrated and supple throughout the day and into the evening.

Face-saving skincare
For over 50 years now, Lancôme’s Absolue range has delivered nothing but the best in cosmetics, combining scientific innovation with five-star ingredients and luxuriously sophisticated French formulas. Constantly fine-tuned to feature a blend of natural molecules (specifically roses) it draws upon Lancôme research to serve up the best in daily skin nutrition and revitalization. Updated each and every year according to the latest in scientific research, the two newest products to join the Absolue line are particularly powerful and work to envelop the skin with protection to help it confront aggressive outdoor weather.

For daytime: Absolue Precious Cells Silky Cream
At the heart of this formula lies a cold rose distillation that’s capable of launching one of the most complex mechanisms in skin biology: revitalization. And in two ways: 1) By acting on what harms the skin, namely oxidation and inflammation. 2) Maximizing tissue repair. On application, its silky smooth formula transforms into a lightweight, satin soft halo of comfort that makes for a velvety petal-soft touch to the skin and a complexion that looks rested and beams with beauty and serenity all day long -- all while still being protected.
Absolue Precious Cells Silky Cream, Lancôme.

For Nighttime: Absolue Precious Cells Nuit
This night treatment takes all the regenerative power found within other Absolue products and combines it with, rose centifolia and rose damascena extracts that have been distilled via high-tech co2 supercritical extraction and cold distillation. So much so, that one pot contains the equivalent of 150 rose petals. While technically very strong, Absolue Precious Cells Soin Nuit Réparateur has been formulated like a cold cream to create a comforting, fluffy feel while beeswax, almond oil, shea butter, plant oils and protective waxes make for a balm that nourishes and regenerates the skin. Once it’s been reinforced overnight, the skin’s barrier can prevent up to 20% of water loss.*

Absolue Precious Cells Soin Nuit Réparateur, Lancôme.

*Clinical testing on 24 subjects