Teint Idole Ultra Wear: Finally a self-confidence boosting foundation

What is Teint Idole Ultra Wear? The first foundation to bring together comfort, long-lasting coverage and great color that’s ideal for active women who want makeup that will help them express their personality. In short, it’s more than just a foundation, it’s an entirely new take on beauty.

A self-confidence booster
From mother to athlete, working girl to wife, best friend to… today’s women lead several lives at once, and all led at a hectic pace. And while women can’t slow the frantic lifestyle, that doesn’t mean they want their busy lives to show up on their face. So, for skin that’s always at its best, a reliable foundation is an absolute must. The answer lies with a foundation that offers unbeatable hold for 24 hours straight without slipping, looks perfect for that all-important meeting, provides a boost even when confronted with life’s little annoyances and offers beauty and reassurance.

A two-part revolution
The secret behind Teint Idole Ultra’s formula comes with its specially patented pairing of ingredients that allow for 1) a perfect finish and 2) unparalleled comfort over 24 hours. To ensure a perfect finish this foundation’s designed with slip-proof pigments and a color that will not budge no matter what type of heat or stress is put on the skin during day. As for comfort, whereas other long-lasting foundations contain substances that leave a dry residue on the skin, Teint Idole Ultra Wear contains soft polymers, silica and shine-absorbing perlite for a result that sensual to the touch, easy to apply and adheres to a moving face without drying it out. The icing on the cake? It’s also easy to remove at the end of the day.

A wide spectrum of shades
Tucked inside a sleek bottle and topped off with a chic lacquered lid that recalls all the luxe style signifiers of the Lancôme house, Teint Idole Ultra Wear is nothing if not incredibly desirable. Better yet, once between the fingers its frosted glass bottle easily delivers the right shade too, because Lancôme has specifically created this new foundation with a wide selection of new shades that are designed to better adapt to the skin tones -- from the lightest to the darkest. For a perfect application that’s worthy of any professional makeup artist, opt for a thick brush, even the product across the skin surface and you’ll get the most out this foundation’s pigment-rich formula and hold.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear, Lancôme. High Coverage Brush, Lancôme

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