Roses in bloom

This season, Lancôme’s showing its true colors with a makeup collection that’s dedicated to pretty pink perfection!

Rosy pink, it’s not just a color, it’s also the floral evocation of spring. No wonder then that this year, Lancôme is going for all things rosy pink with Absolutely Rôse and an incredible new collection of products that are made to celebrate the coming season.

In fact, there could be no better flower for the season. After all, it’s the time of year you’ll find Parisians heading off to the florist for a few fresh bunches of roses to spread around the apartment and whose Haussmannian architectural details are reflected in the collection’s Parisian-looking cases.

Beauty blooms to keep you satisfied until spring

1. La Rose à Poudrer with Parisian Kabuki. Surprise, this beautiful powder may look like a rose, but it isn’t one. Designed with a kabuki brush these powder petals deliver the perfect dose of pink mother of pearl which can be dusted across the face, neck and cleavage or used as an ingenious highlighter. La Rose à Poudrer with Parisian Kabuki, Lancôme.

2. La Rose Palette New from Lisa Eldridge comes this incredible palette that’s with its amazing color and texture combinations is set to become a real sell-out. Find six eyeshadows in matte, satin and shimmering finishes, two blushes in two velvety tones and a super shiny lip color that’s designed like a top coat to create lips that shimmer with sensuality. La Palette La Rose, Lancôme.

3. Le Stylo Parisian Lips. Created by fusing two of Lancôme’s leading products, this double-tipped tool works like a lip pencil with one end that smooths on a creamy, lightly tinted color and another which when pressed like a cushion fills with matte pigments for gorgeous bee-stung beauty. Parisian Lips Le Stylo Lancôme.

4. Le Crayon Miracle. Lancôme’s other cosmetic coup comes in the shape of this a limited-edition take on the Crayon Miracle which now comes in a softer, more velvety formula that slicks on in one simple move and adapts to every creative whim -- no matter how bold. Apply to the inner corner of the eyes, to the top of cheekbones or as a metallic liner, the choice is yours! Le Crayon Miracle, Lancôme.

5. Cushion Blush Subtil. Think three new blush shades: one to discreetly brighten cheeks and accentuate contours and two others in stunning pinkish hues. All made in a divine new formula which when applied to the skin, creates a barely-there veil of glowing beauty. Cushion Blush Subtil, Lancôme.

6. And because Lancôme never does anything by half, you’ll also find an entire range of new pink shades across many other products including Cocoon Candy, Snowtilly and Top Gum in the Juicy Shaker line; four new colors in the l’Ombre Hypnôse range; and finally magenta and bois de rose shades for the Grandiôse Liner and Grandiôse Extrême lines.

Juicy Shaker, #303 Cocoon Candy, #010 Snowtilly, #343 Top Gum, Ombre Hypnôse, Le Stylo, #21 Gris Ruban, #20 Rose Lumière, #22 Or Rose, #23 Rose Pastel, Grandiôse Liner, #04 Magenta, #09 Bois de Rose, Grandiôse Extrême, #10 Bois de Rose, Lancôme.

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