Gift Happiness

We all know that happiness is most fulfilling when it’s shared with others. That’s why we’re starting a global wave of joy.

Happiness, it's an enigma that over time philosophers, writers and thinkers have all attempted to unlock. Yet, recent findings from Harvard University have shown that positive thinking can actually influence performance and positively impact everyday life.

Happiness: a universal theme that resonates with us all Whatever your personal take, one thing is certain: the pampering guilt-free power of beauty can put you on the fast track to happiness.

With the values of self acceptance, femininity and happiness at the heart of Lancôme’s DNA. Lancôme has been building a philosophy of happiness and beauty upon seven key pillars since 1935:

1. BEING ALIVE. Making the most of the time that we have, sharing it with those that we love and passing it onto the next generation is the foundation of happiness.

2. LETTING YOUR HEART GUIDE YOU. Everyone has heard that little voice inside their head asking: “Is that really what you want?” It's the same voice that encourages us to take the road less traveled and go for what is best for us. Whether loud or soft, always listen to the voice in your heart.

3. FINDING MEANING IN EVERY ACT. Everything happens for a reason. Behind each action is an emotion that brings meaning to what we do. Let's make each action a declaration and a reminder that “I act because I think about the world around me”.

4. TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. Because happiness starts with yourself and because everyone needs time for themselves, take a moment to read, write, walk, swim, run, go out, discover new things, grow and develop, or simply think.

5. CARING FOR OTHERS. Happiness has no meaning unless it's shared. Happiness grows when we’re in contact with friends, family and acquaintances. It gets stronger whenever we meet someone new. A simple smile can brighten someone’s day.

6. LIVING EACH MOMENT TO THE FULLEST. Each day is to be treasured. Just think of how many places you can visit in 24 hours, how many people you can meet and how many friendships you can build. A single moment can change everything, as long as you know to seize it.

7. KNOWING THE BEST IS YET TO COME. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Each new day has the potential to be the best day of your life.

With all that as a guiding light, Lancôme is dedicating itself like never before to putting more joy - as well as radiant skin - into each day.

How? With a little help from the Lancôme rose, the ultimate symbol of happiness and generosity, now available in-store alongside many other surprises.

Rediscover three Lancôme feel-good products now with La Vie est Belle Eau de parfum, an olfactory interpretation of happiness itself; the beauty blockbuster, Advanced Génifique serum, that’s proved the secret to glowing skin since 2010 and Hypnôse mascara, that makes eyes sparkle with every stroke of the brush.

For each in-store visit, Lancôme beauty lovers can now take home a Happiness Gift and a trial-sized version of one of our star products along with a bouquet of seven roses bearing our famous happiness motto. Pass a flower on and each one will give a friend the chance to pick up their own gift bag. Talk about a beautiful chain of happiness!