Two iconic fragrances, two celebrations of love

For 26 years, Trésor has been known as ‘the scent of special moments’ and a firm favorite among confidently romantic women who know precisely how to make their mark. Just as the year starts, La Nuit Trésor, with it unique, rich scent is intoxicating lovers’ senses like never before.

TRÉSOR, a legendary, timeless fragrance

In 1990, Sophia Grojsman - also known as the rose alchemist - created Trésor. Designed through a very personal development process, Grojsman confessed to having started by intuitively capturing a part of herself: “contrast gradually appeared between light and shade, like the representation of my deepest desires. The fragrance grew from there, I was inspired by unforgettable, confident women. Trésor is an Eau de Parfum made up of magnificent raw materials which come together to create a well-rounded signature fragrance, like an invitation into an embrace. It's this completely transparent structure that makes it memorable, conjuring up femininity from start to finish.”

Characteristics: sensual, majestic rose

The secret to Trésor’s lingering scent? Rose Otto, a bold flower that’s known for its honey-sweet spicy side and its freshness. For its creation, Sophia Grojsman had a stroke of inspiration that would elevate the very feminine sophistication of the flower: she combined it with velvety notes of peach, powdery iris and heliotrope. By setting it with base notes of amber, musk and sandalwood, Rose Otto then took on a seductive side, to form an extremely sensual result.

For: sworn romantics

Trésor has been an ode to femininity ever since and has even been revisited several times: “I had a feeling that the fragrance would resonate with women, because it carries such a timeless message. It expresses the femininity of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Trésor woman is eternal.” And 26 years later, it is hardly surprising that Trésor Eau de Parfum is still one of French women’s best-loved scents.

LA NUIT TRÉSOR, the embodiment of loving unity

Like all great love stories, what lies behind La Nuit Trésor is a chance meeting, this time between the rose and the Tahitensis vanilla orchid, two of the finest flowers in fragrance. While different, the two flowers prove to be made for each other, as together they create a fragrance with true staying power and an unexpected distillation that makes La Nuit Trésor a passionate and mysterious expression of sensuality which echoes the attraction between a man and a woman. And what could be more poetic than a fragrance that makes the heart beat faster, especially when encased inside a signature jewel-like bottle complete with a violet rose on its neck and a colorful wink to rare purple diamonds?


Behind this scent were not one, but two stars perfumers: master perfumer Christophe Raynaud, who focuses on elevating the complex floral notes by blending them with more modern elements, and Amandine Clerc Marie, who has made reinterpreting the rose her speciality, elevating raw ingredients to reinvent classics. Together, they have transformed Lancôme’s iconic rose, darkening it with mystery, faceting it like a diamond and framing it with orchids and wild vanilla to render it richly sweet and leathery, much like “a sleek black rose with an enigmatic halo that captures all the charm of the night,” as Clerc Marie stated at the 2015 launch. Or, as Christophe Raynaud has added, a fragrance that is “wrapped in mystery and power, petal by petal”.

For: anyone who knows the power of love at first sight

As iconic as ever, just in time for 2017, La Nuit Trésor has been reinvented to include a few addictively fresh new notes. Now, with La Nuit Trésor Eau de Toilette, passion is celebrated with a fusion of Rose Damascena, explosions of citrus and sensual layers of peony, lily of the valley and wild blackberry that melt into the skin to leave hints of addictive Tahitensis vanilla orchid.

La Nuit Trésor L’Eau de Toilette, Lancôme.