Go bold and beautiful with sophisticated mascara and grunge-chic khol

Sophisticated mascara or grungy khol? Go bold and beautiful

On one side, a pretty and precise mascara look that boosts lash volume and creates perfectly preened, sophisticated lashes. On the other, a smoky kohl crayon pencil style that’s just what you need for creating mysterious eyes. What you get with both? All-eyes-on-you ultra feminine definition.

Sophistication with Grandiôse Extrême Noir Extrême Mascara

What? An ingenious mascara with an elastomer brush and bristles set in pairs for unbelievable lash separation and even application. Think: a generous dose of product for precise coverage layer after layer, right down to the very last lash. Better yet, thanks to a super-fine polymer-boosting pigment, this volumizing mascara comes in a rich dark black shade. All guaranteeing a deep hue and the assurance of a refined and defined sophisticated look.

How? Thanks to its 35° angled swan-neck shaped wand (which is inspired by pro makeup artists’ habit of bending the mascara wand for better precision) Grandiôse Extrême mascara slicks across the entire lash line, hitting even the smallest inner lashes with the same finesse -- no matter which eye you’re working on.

Who for? For women looking for eye makeup sophistication and anyone wanting to bring a hint of depth to the eyes without going full-on smoky. This lash-boosting mascara is best for beauty lovers who have trouble achieving even mascara application across both eyes and anybody who hates stodgy product overload. Better yet, by evenly depositing pigment from root to tip, Grandiôse Extrême widens small eyes with a simple trick of the eye.

Grandiôse Extrême, Noir Extrême, Lancôme.

Rock ready with Crayon Khôl Noir

What? Part eyeshadow, part liner, Lancôme’s Crayon Khôl eye pencil is a two-for-one treat that’s agile enough to ace super slim, streamlined liner, yet also soft enough to be smudged into a smoky halo. Whether applied right up against the lashes, or more broadly across the entire lid, its rich formula smoothes on without slippage for a super dark charcoal-black pigmented result that dries into a blink-proof beauty statement.

How? To create a powerful look, start by slicking a little Crayon Khôl along the upper lash line. Then repeat below. For more intensity, try applying directly to the wetline along the inside of the eye. Finally, extend some of the product outwards using a dry brush to make for a subtly gradient smoky effect. Or smudge with the pad of the finger for look that screams “just back from a night out.”

Who for? Beauty aficionados who aren’t scared to play with product, as well as the more product-shy on the hunt for a rock ‘n roll evening look. No matter what, Lancôme’s Crayon Khôl becomes a must-have tool for anyone dreaming of an easy smoky eye in one simple slick of a pencil.

Crayon Khôl, Noir, Lancôme.