Spring-ready skin radiance

Make no mistake, skin often loses its luster under gray winter skies. Add to that the frantic pace of the season and you’re left with a stressed-out complexion, dull, tired skin and a look that is put to the test by the start of the year.

Enter two products with the power to erase fatigue and create a beautiful bright glow this season.

The soothing solution: Hydra Zen skincare moisturizer

What? A super-comforting, ultra-hydrating, velvety textured balm that simultaneously relaxes and hydrates. So much so that once it’s smoothed onto the skin, the complexion appears protected from all visible signs of stress and fatigue. The bonus? Its pleasant fragrance also harnesses the principles of aromatherapy to invite total serenity.

How? Warm a small amount of product between the hands, then apply the moisturizing formula using the palms of the hands to press it onto the center of the face. Moving outwards, tap the face with the fingertips starting with the forehead and moving down to the neck. Repeat three times for optimal skin relaxation.

Who for? Anyone who feels under constant pressure, whose stress combined with outside irritants has disrupted the skin to create a dull, overcast complexion. Soothe and smooth your skin with a formula that invites the face to glow with happiness.

Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream Lancôme.

An energizing elixir: Énergie de Vie

What? A moisture-packed splash of skin hydration formulated using the principles behind Asian cosmetic waters. Choc-full of dynamic antioxidant-rich ingredients such as Gentiane, lemon balm and goji berry, this watery-textured gem combines all the qualities of a lotion with those of a skincare serum and a moisturizing cream to effectively recharge and rejuvenate the skin’s energy supplies.


Phase 1: Prep.

Dispense the right amount of product using its ingenious pump bottle, then smooth the hands down the face, across the forehead, onto the cheeks and then down to the chin and lower neck. Next, brush the fingers over the T-zone, jaw and around the lips.

Phase 2: Stimulation.

Using the index finger, simply press the face across the following acupuncture points (all while breathing out): Sei mei (The inner corner of the eye), Tsroann-tchou and Se-tchou (the outer edges of the brows), Tsong-tse-tsiao (the outer corner of the eye) and In-siang (the bottom of the line between the nose and lips). Finish up with the corners of the lips

Who for? For anyone in need of a beauty boost after the holiday season and busy start of the year, that has left skin tired, dull and lackluster. Applied each morning, this smoothing formula concentrate energizes and awakens the skin’s glow each day.

Energie de Vie, Lancôme.