Make a fresh-faced splash

Make a splash with liquid freshness

As winter draws to a close, try replacing your rich moisturizing cream with a liquid-light, super-hydrating formula that refreshes your complexion. There’s no better way to summon the start of spring.

Age-old water-based treatments

The origin of this new treatment? Asia, where water isn’t just heavily symbolic, it also forms the basis of all hygiene and beauty regimens. Just consider Japan with its traditional Onsen, Sento and Ofuro baths that combine steaming rice water to brighten and purify the skin. Water is, by far, a key element in any Asian woman’s skincare regimen. Especially as in several cultures in the region, the face is seen to reflect both beauty and inner health, so should look as pure and perfect as possible. Both gentle and efficient, water-based formulas make for the perfect way to achieve immaculate results.

More popular than ever

In 2017, Asian women love water as much as ever, as a splash-on cleanser that immediately refreshes the skin and within super hydrating skincare treatments, that work to maintain day-long skin purity, hydration and comfort. So much so in fact, that an array of remarkable hydration-packed cosmetic waters have recently made an arrival on the market.

A splash that changes everything

By drawing inspiration from water care products for its Énergie de Vie formula and regimen, Lancôme has created a new wave of refreshing and hydrating skincare treatments. Two particular products reproduce cosmetic water’s energizing splash-like effect:

Énergie de Vie Intense Essence Boasting a sensual, ultra-light liquid essence texture that’s almost like water, once tapped onto the face with fingertips or a little cotton wool, this formula activates a slew of translucent bubbles that unleash divinely fresh feelings on skin.

Énergie de Vie Liquid Care, By literally mimicking the energizing effect water has on the skin, this three-in-one part-lotion, part-serum and part-cream formula sinks into the epidermis to soaks it with dynamic actives such as gentiane and antioxidant-rich goji berries and lemon balm to help it recharge and guard against dull, dry skin. Simply put, after just one week, features appear smoother, plumper and literally transformed… no matter the hectic pace of the day.

Énergie de Vie, Liquid Care, Lancôme.
Énergie de Vie Intense Essence, Lancôme.