Visionnaire CrescendoTM: a revolutionary new product is born

Visionnaire CrescendoTM: a revolutionary new peel product is born

With a new double formula that’s designed to be applied gradually in a specific order, Visionnaire CrescendoTM is set to turn the world of cosmetic skincare peels upside down. So what is the inspiration behind this exceptional new beauty protocol?

Inspired by recent advances in cosmetics and the latest trends in wellbeing and product substance, Lancôme has looked to two very specific areas for the formulation of Visionnaire CrescendoTM. Taking a cue from in-office dermatological peels and high-level athletic training, this next-generation peel breaks with everything that is currently on offer to create a step-by-step regimen.

Defined by aesthetic procedures We all know how effective a peel performed by a dermatologist can be in improving skin texture and reducing any visible signs of aging. By exfoliating the surface of the face it can help to refine texture, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and blur blemishes. Similarly, a peel can also stimulate cell renewal and foster collagen restructuring to improve the skin’s overall quality. Today, dermatologists offer three main types of peel, using glycolic acid for glow, trichloracetic acid to treat problem skin (requiring substantially more prep time and recuperation) and deep phenol to blitz pigmentation, deep wrinkles, acne scars and post surgical side-effects.

A sport-based protocol In sport, HIIT (High Intensity Interval TrainingTM) combines high and low-level intensity interval workouts in a range of fast and slow-paced exercises to put muscles through their paces in a way that provides fast, trauma-free results which continue to build long after the end of the session.

Visionnaire Crescendo’sTM revolutionary take on peels To create a cosmetic peel that provides visible results, Lancôme research has looked to both dermatological peels and interval training. The result is Visionnaire CrescendoTM and a product that is designed to intensively train the skin with what it is dubbing Skin Intensity Interval TrainingTM. Consider it an all-new skincare regimen that is made to be applied in two phases over 28 days and nights -- all to maximize the benefits of a classic peel without overstepping its boundaries.

During the first 14-day phase, a 5% dose of fruit acids and quinoa fiber exfoliates the stratum corneum, or the upper layer of the skin, targeting it cell by cell.

Warning: To ensure comfort, never skip to step two and always adhere to the product guidelines.

During the second phase (also spread out over 14 days), classic go-to acids, used in dermatological peels (10% salicylic acid) are introduced to forge smoother, brighter more even skin, while tightening pores and nixing blemishes.

Warning: For the six days immediately following your last application, be sure to replace your regular day cream with a good SPF cream such as Visionnaire SPF 20.

Visionnaire CrescendoTM and Visionnaire SPF20, Lancôme.