Visionnaire CrescendoTM, Lancôme’s robust new skincare peel

Visionnaire CrescendoTM, Lancôme’s robust new skincare peel

When Lancôme designs a new cosmetic peel that acts like a personal trainer to coach skin for optimal results, it comes thanks to a few precious insights from the world of physical training. And the outcome is visibly obvious.

The concept behind Visionnaire CrescendoTM Lancôme has taken inspiration from HIIT High-Intensity Interval Training to create a multi-stage cosmetic peel. If athletes are familiar with the training method based on alternating high and low intensity exercises, it’s because it delivers fast, efficient and exacting results long after the workout is over. However, the real advantage of this gradual approach to training comes from the way it dispels any feeling of overexertion.

How to translate HIITTM into a skin peel With a program of skin treatments in varying intensities. For the first 14 days, start with phase one, with its 5% fruit acids paired with quinoa fiber extract to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin and the stratum corneum -- cell by cell. After two weeks, skin looks better and is primed for the actives in the second stage. Follow up with phase two, again over 14 days, which thanks to a clever blend of glycolic and salicylic acids (10%*) works to target all visible signs of skin and pore aging. After a month, the skin is left looking fresher, smoother and more glowing so the face appears revitalized.

The quantifiable results
Astonishing results for this cosmetic peel include:
88% of women interviewed experienced revitalized looking skin, from the first night onwards.
90% of women asked found skin texture to be visibly improved after 14 nights.
92% of women found skin to be cleaner after 28 nights.

Finally, all the signs of aging saw clear improvement with:

23.3%* reduction in skin dullness
15.5%* less unevenness
12.5%* fewer visible lines and wrinkles
7.6%* decrease in pore size.

And better yet, all while delivering much more softness for 94% of women interviewed.

* Self evaluation - 40 subjects over 28 nights.
Consumer study IFOP July 8 - August 9 2016 , 137 subjects.

Visionnaire CrescendoTM, Lancôme.