Visionnaire Crescendo’sTM skin workout

Pushing the limits of cosmetic science to improve skin’s performance: That’s the challenge Lancôme has taken on with Visionnaire CrescendoTM, a new muscle-bound at-home peel that’s been designed to put skin through its paces.

The peel makes a comeback

If you thought cosmetic peels were losing favor, then think again because, “one cosmetic doctor in three, has seen an increase in patients (81% of whom are women) who are ‘preoccupied by their image on social networks.” Top of the solution list? “Light peels, which along with fillers, lasers and microdermabrasion now make up three quarters of all cosmetic procedures”.

However, much less invasive procedures with near-immediate results have also been seen to attract a new generation of beauty lovers as “58% of cosmetic doctors are now seeing patients aged 30 years and under.” And in a fast-paced world, facial regimens seem to be demanding more of our time too. So, how about an at-home evening peel to coach the skin instead?

Cosmetic peels reinvented

So is it really possible in 2017 to find a good active peel that works on cell renewal while also being comfortable for the skin? The answer is yes, thanks to an inspired use of a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval TrainingTM) methodology that’s much sought-after among athletes for the way it divides up workouts while getting the most out of any one training session. How? By combining warm-ups with intense exercise within strictly defined time and pace.

It’s from this concept that Visionnaire CrescendoTM was born, to create a new cosmetic peel that’s designed like a skin training regimen, dubbed Skin Intensity Interval TrainingTM, to renew and rejuvenate cell renewal. In short: a 28-day, two-part program - no more, no less!

Phase 1: Warm-up
Nights: One to 14
The formula: 5% fruit acids paired with quinoa fiber to exfoliates the upper layers of the skin, the stratum corneum, cell by cell.
Targets: Glow and blemishes
Other benefits: Skin is prepped for the actives found in the following phases

Phase 2: Training
Nights: 15-28
The formula: 10% salicylic and glycolic acid
Targets: Visible signs of skin aging and open pores
Other benefits: Smoother, fresher, more glowing and radiant skin that looks healthy and revitalized.

Both phases also feature the jasmonate derivative that is the key molecule featured within the Visionnaire line, known to work on skin quality.

The secret to successful training lies with discipline. As it can never be repeated enough, always follow the regimen properly:

Never skip to phase two to accelerate results.
Alway apply Visionnaire CrescendoTM to clean skin.
Smooth on 3-4 doses (no more!) across the face (avoiding outer eyes and lips) and massage in over 45 seconds until it is completely soaked in. Then hydrate the skin with a classic night treatment.
During the treatment, switch your everyday cream for a SPF treatment such as Visionnaire SPF 20.
For increased comfort, apply a night cream afterwards
If skin becomes sensitive, stop using and opt for a corrective formula such as Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector.

And a final word goes to the innovative dual bottle design which brings together two formulas in one pump. With each compartment containing the right amount of product to get you through the 28-day regimen, you won’t waste an ounce.

Visionnaire CrescendoTM, Lancôme.