The sweet smell of happiness

With La Vie est Belle fragrance spray, Lancôme delivers three of the keys to happiness. But what are they exactly?

The dawn of happiness From the start, Lancôme created La Vie est Belle perfume spray as an olfactory path to happiness, a lush approach to bliss, a sensory transcription of a joyful state of mind, a scented credo and a philosophy that’s illustrated by its very name, La Vie est Belle.

And while this fragrance comes packaged inside a timelessly charming crystal smile of a bottle, La Vie est Belle doesn’t just fall back on its joyful packaging. Inside you’ll find a mood-boosting scent that exhales happiness with each of its interpretations (seven in total), while enchanting the senses to share the pleasurable side of life.

It’s a vision that has also been guided by Julia Roberts’ dazzling natural beauty and two groundbreaking films which illustrate the perfect formula for forging happiness, namely that, freedom + sharing + authenticity make La Vie est Belle.


In Tarsem Singh’s first 2012 La Vie est Belle film, Roberts plays a woman who liberates herself from social constraint to become an actress shaping her own destiny. It’s a made-to-measure role that echoes Roberts’ own very atypical professional journey and reflects her own independent, sincere and engaged streak where “being completely happy, means being completely free and unburdened from neverending complaints or complacent fear.”


Three years after the release of the first film, Julia Roberts went further. This time, for director James Gray, where she turns her back on formality, inviting fellow party guests to join with her as she tears down the walls of convention. Free from social pressure, the Lancôme ambassadress proves that happiness is never as strong as when it is shared.


Getting back to basics is the idea behind both films and it’s all carried by the energetic scent of the fragrance that affords Julia Roberts a fresh outlook on the world that surrounds her. By literally bathing the body in good vibes, this scent brings harmony to the heart, body and soul, while broadening the horizons for anyone who smells it so they can declare, louder than ever that “La Vie est Belle!” Life is beautiful!

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