Conceal your way to greater confidence

Conceal your way to greater confidence

Good news! A whole new generation of complexion correctoring makeup products are now promising to camouflage and conceal blemishes and imperfections for skin that looks its best from morning to night. How to feel your best.

Is makeup a fail-safe way to feel stronger and more beautiful?
Thibaut Nguyen of Ipsos Trends & Prospective Public Affairs certainly vouches for it, stating “an evolution in our relationship with beauty is underway. Tomorrow’s beauty isn’t just about the art of transformation, it’s about the art of becoming. In the first instance, that means transforming a look according to a very defined set of beauty codes for a known result, while the second case, the aspiration is to look ‘like yourself but better’. Translation, for a long time it has been thought that makeup hides personality (all while camouflaging imperfections), but instead it can illustrate an entirely new facet of our appeal and personality.”

The advantage of versatile formulas
Confronted with so much choice today, women are searching for playfully efficient, intuitive makeup products with record hold that won’t let them down no matter what the pace of their day. And that’s not all, versatility ranks even better so products can be used in different ways, across several different parts of the face and with a varied selection of tools (think: brushes, sponges, fingertips). At least that’s precisely the case with the new rule-breaking Teint Idole Ultra Camouflage high-coverage concealer.

1) Its supple, pigment-rich formula can mask everything from dark spots to scars and dark circles to acne. No skin blemish can match up to this texture that smoothes on naturally to any part of the face, whether with a brush, fingertips, or for maximum coverage, a sponge.

2) Thanks to a precise dose of moisturizing ingredients and mattifying microparticles, Teint Idole Ultra Camouflage concealer makeup creates a clean and sophisticated powdery finish that doesn’t crack with creases, wrinkles and fine lines. And all topped off with a feeling of soft comfort that lasts all day.

3) Its color palette of 16 different hues make for endless ways to create a perfect finish. There’s nothing better than a few hints of light beige Teint Idole Ultra Camouflage applied on the upper cheek bones, forehead or cupid’s bow to highlight the face. And as for the deeper amber shades, they’re ideal for warming the complexion, or for contouring and balancing the face’s proportions.

Teint Idole Ultra Camouflage Concealer, Lancôme.