Color play with concealers

When social media pressure hits, there’s nothing like a few colorful makeup tips for creating your flawless dream complexion.

If there’s one thing the current selfie trend dictates, it is every woman’s lust for a perfect, even complexion no matter the camera angle or the imperfection.

To this end, Lancôme has come up with a colorfully simple yet incredibly efficient solution. Enter Teint Idole Ultra Camouflage Color Corrector and a line of five color correctoring makeup shades—yellow, peach, coral, green and lavender—presented in individual tubes that target a distinct complexion dilemma. Here’s how a little color play can change everything:

Yellow: Soft yellow is perfect for masking the type of pesky blue-tinted under-eye circles that can afflict light and pale-skinned complexions.

Peach: Slightly more impactful than the skin’s natural color, peach can instantly blur away purple-colored bags on medium to dark skin.

Orange/red: To cheat your way to the kind of fresh-faced look of wellbeing that comes with 10 hours of sleep, reach for a coral color corrector and banish circles on dark skin.

Green: Gentle almond-green tones down redness in a flash.

Lavender: Light purple reduces the yellow undertones that can ruin any color complexion.

Teint Idole Ultra Camouflage Color Corrector