Three good reasons to try Lancôme’s all-new Matte Shaker

If we’re already firm fans of Juicy Shaker, it’s because it’s incredibly soft and gives women all the pout-perfecting lip color they need in just two minutes flat. Now, we’re just as crazy about a new matte version.

Foundation-like texture Once the preserve of foundation only, the multi-performing hold, coverage and comfort of Ultra-Thin Film, have now been brought together to create Matte Shaker and a new first for lip beauty. And the results are incredible, making for a smooth texture (84.2%)* that fuses to the lips (87.5%)* like a second skin (86.5%)* for maximum comfort (93.3%)*, which doesn’t slip as the day goes on (74.0%)*.

Oil-in-water formula
Now, Lancôme has gone one step further with the development of a reverse emulsion composed of a watery phase that’s volatile particles escape as soon as they come into contact with the lips to leave nothing but light, velvety soft, incredible color. It’s a result that’s bolstered by a silicone-packed oil phase, then clay and polymers, which smooth and perfect the lips to guarantee a bolder and more dramatic impact.

Fresh pigmented color
With names like #378 Magenta, #189 Red and #379 Pink this new must-have lip makeup is certainly showing its true colors, seven precisely. Consider it a daring invitation for all audacious, boldly expressive women. And because life is better when uncomplicated, Juicy Shaker’s foam tip has been revisited to pair perfectly with the new formula’s pigments so it can be slicked on more lightly, easily and durably for a more precise result. You could say it’s flawless!

Matte Shaker, Lancôme.

*Consumer testing. Subject number: 105. Inclusion criteria: Women, 20 to 45 years old, all skin types and sensitivities on face and lips, users of liquid lipsticks, looking for matte coverage and intense color results but without particular comfort, light texture. Agreeing to use the shade and who like innovation. Treatment duration: 1 week. Evaluation method: Immediate effect + Wear + efficacy at D7. Experimental design: At least once a day.