Must-have: the 3 makeup essentials every Parisian girl must have in case of rain and bad weather!

With an average of 170 days' precipitation per year in the region of Paris alone, French girls need to know how to strut their stuff in the rain. So, for a stylish way to manage April's showers, we're borrowing the three cult products they can't live without!

Their mascara. Since Parisian girls have to put up with rain half of the time, Grandiôse lash-boosting mascara, thanks to its patented "Swan-Neck™" wand, applies just the right amount of 100% guaranteed waterproof formula to the lashes. A safe bet for a voluminous look that is fully protected from changes in the weather. Grandiôse Waterproof Mascara, Lancôme.

Their eyeshadow. The cult product of every Parisian girl who's skilled in the art of the new smoky eye makeup look: Ombre Hypnôse Stylo. An eye color must-have, the cosmetic equivalent of the trench coat, it effortlessly upgrades any look with a creamy texture rich in pigment, pearlized particles and smoothing agents, it will intensify your look for hours without fading*. Ombre Hypnôse Stylo, Lancôme. * self-assessment 51 women.

Their eyebrow gel. Since they like to highlight their unique traits, Parisian girls always pay particular attention to their brows. To make them as disciplined as she is, Sourcils Gel, with its hybrid gel-cream formula, is so long-lasting that it will resist any level of humidity*. Sourcils Gel, Lancôme.* self-assessment 63 women.