How do Parisian girls wear lip color?

French girls love nothing more than flashy colors to make their lips pop, vamp up their look and boost their mood… The proof!

Dynamic and bright colors

Since they are, in some way, a sign of the warm days to come, neon lip shades (almost fluorescent) are our beauty lifeline as we wait for summer to arrive.

So, does this mean that the nude trend has reached its end?

No, quite the contrary… To avoid falling too far into the eighties look (a tad too much), the trick is to maintain nude skin all over and to focus on the mouth only, which is highlighted in a vibrant lip color to enhance the effect.

A bold move that allows us to express our full creativity, especially if we use the new Matte Shaker by Lancôme…

Why? First of all, because all you need to do is to pick up its cushion applicator, specially redesigned to make it even easier and more fun to apply the color, to get into the spirit right from the get-go. Secondly, because its seven shades (#378 Pink Power, #189 Red’Y In 5, #379 Yummy Pink, etc.) allow the lip shade to show up clearly on the wearer. Finally, because its ultra-fine liquid texture (84.2%)* blends into the lips like a "second skin" (87.5%)*, leaving just a vibrant color on the lips, without thickness, which stays put all day long... Great news which can't help but boost your mood!

Matte Shaker, Lancôme.

*Consumer test. Subjects number: 105. Inclusion criteria : Women, 20 to 45 y-o, all skin types & sensitivities on face & lips, users of liquid lipsticks, Looking for mat, covering & intense lip make-up result with color but without particular comfort, light texture. Agreeing to use the shade and who like innovation. Treatment duration: 1 week. Evaluation method: Immediate effect + Wear + efficacy at D7. Experimental design: At least once per day.