Paris at night with Caroline de Maigret

After her makeup palette for brightening the day, Caroline de Maigret provides us with her night time version, as well as her fashion and well-being tips and her favorite places for partying in Paris. Interview.

Tell us about this new palette.

It's the night time version of the previous palette. This time, together with the teams at Lancôme, we enjoyed interpreting night time in all its shapes and forms… The result: 3 liners, 1 silver illuminator, and 4 eyeshadows in gray + dark-blue shades: the perfect combination for creating a glitter chic style. All housed in a notebook-style minaudière that is both discreet and elegant. I love the idea that one might think it contains something other than makeup!

What has it been like collaborating with Lancôme?

Lancôme gave me complete freedom to create whatever I liked. We spent several months designing the Midnight in Paris palette and I'm very satisfied with the result. It's an absolute pleasure to combine all my favorite colors in one single palette!

Your tips for using this palette?

At the start of the evening, I prefer the smoky blue applied as a subtle block: its delicate hint of gray discreetly stands out, and really emphasizes all different eye colors. I would probably wear a suit, a tuxedo; a look that I find extremely sexy. During the second part of the evening, I go for a more intense look with clothes and makeup that are more rock. To do this, I emphasize my eyes by layering eyeshadow from light blue to silver gray, and I brighten the overall look by adding a touch of highlighter at the corner of my eye. At the end of the night, to coordinate with my jeans + sneakers, I opt for a block of glitter all over the eyelid.

You are considered one of the coolest Parisian women... Why do you think this is?

Undoubtedly because, like all girls, I'm forever alternating between different styles and situations, and I allow myself this freedom of choice without feeling guilty. I think it's a pleasure for other people to see someone display these paradoxes that shape women today. Freedom is always attractive...

Name a beauty no-go.

The lips + eyes makeup combination that really doesn't suit me. Left to choose, I prefer to emphasize my eyes. I like it when people look me straight in the eye. When I wear red lips, this often goes hand-in-hand with being in a good mood in the morning. Take care when applying black around the eyes, as a smoky look that is too dark can make someone look tired or even sad...

Your favorite party hot spots in Paris?

I love going out and dancing. I really like Club Pompon where the hip-hop music is great. Le Mansart bar is also a safe bet as there is always fantastic rock music and really cool people. I also love hanging out at Sans Souci, where some nights you can listen to old soul hits.

Le Pompon, 25 rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris.
Le Mansart, 1 Rue Mansart, 75009 Paris.
Le Sans Souci, 65 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris.

How do you unwind, clear your mind?

As a producer it's complicated since I don't have fixed working hours. I'm working all the time. So I decided I had no other choice than to force myself to do a daily digital detox, for my mental well-being! Every day around 18:30 I leave my cell phone in my bedroom for one hour. It does me the world of good to disconnect and to spend quality time with my son. I switch off for longer periods of time at the weekend and when I'm on vacation. It's exhilarating not reading e-mails and information non-stop.

The Instagram accounts that make you laugh?

I'm a huge fan of what are called "memes" on Instagram, which are funny images that liven up situations. I often repost them on my account, much to the dismay of my partner who is horrified every time! I follow @thefatjewish, @daquan and @michelgaubert™ who I find really funny.

Midnight in Paris, Mes Incontournables de Parisienne palette, Lancôme, € 80.
Limited edition, available from June 2017