Focus on the Purifying & Perfecting Clay Green Mask from Lancôme...

With the Purifying & Perfecting Clay Green Mask, the latest product in the "Énergie de Vie" collection from Lancôme brings a breath of fresh air to our skin... The proof!

A complexion that is wonderfully pure, wonderfully clean and wonderfully fresh, despite a hectic, fast-paced lifestyle? This is possible with the brand new "Purifying & Perfecting Clay Green Mask" from Lancôme. The latest product in the "Énergie de Vie" collection, it has been specially designed to give dreary and dull skin a real boost. Based on clay (a mineral ingredient with recognized purifying properties), the absorbing and detoxifying formula of this mask is applied to the entire face (taking care to avoid the area around the eyes and the mouth).

How to optimize the benefits of a treatment? It's easy, simply allow the fresh and ultra-light texture of this mask to penetrate the skin and work its magic for just five minutes, before rinsing entirely making delicate circular movements with your fingers. Once the face has been rinsed, it finds its glow again. It's more luminous and radiates happiness...

Use twice a week to prevent tired skin that needs a boost due to the long days and short nights, which are typical of the summer season!

Purifying & Perfecting Clay Green Mask, Énergie de Vie, from Lancôme.