Why will we all succumb to Monsieur Big Brow without even batting an eyelid?

With Monsieur Big Brow, Lancôme is offering us a brand new makeup look... And incidentally giving us the chance to recreate the straight, well-developed and well-structured eyebrows of the company's ambassador: Taylor Hill!

Develop, shape and redefine your eyebrows: An ultra-technical gesture that requires practice. Unless you use Monsieur Big Brow, a Lancôme crayon that is so intuitive it enables you to create brows just like a professional. Its cone-shaped core contains a formula that effortlessly glides onto the eyebrows without overloading them, while its integrated brush, which is easy to use (even for total amateurs), diminishes pigmentation for a uniform look that is always "big". Available in four well-designed shades (blonde, chestnut, brown and ebony) for more-than-natural-looking results. And for more than 24 hours! Astounding!

The important details: To intensify the shape of the eyebrows, apply just the right amount to illuminate the arch, using the highlighter version of Monsieur Big Brow… Just like the makeup artists!

Use Monsieur Big Brow together with its two side-kicks right now: the mascara with the "wôw" effect! Monsieur Big and the Monsieur Big Marker eyeliner for end results that are ultra sexy and ultra hot, and will naturally be the center of attention!

Monsieur Big Brow, #00 Highlighter, #01 Blonde, #02 Chestnut, #03 Brown, #04 Ebony, Lancôme.

Monsieur Big