What if we adapted our foundation to suit our mood?

"EVERYWHERE!" This is the response given by women when asked to comment upon the areas where beauty is most important to them. "In detail, work environments (91%) and romantic relationships (98%) appear to be most influenced by physical appearance."Hence the idea of using Teint Idole Ultra Wear from now on: The long-wear foundation from Lancôme can adapt to all our wishes, all our needs, and the different times of day too. Here's the proof:

- Option 1: in ON mode

State of mind? A winner mentality! With the aim of excelling on all fronts.

The makeup wish? An absolutely perfect complexion and a dose of good humor that flawlessly resists the ups and downs of the day!

The tip? To create a flawless, sophisticated look, you need to follow two steps. 1/ Smooth the skin by applying the foundation, using it as a unified backdrop, in a shade that matches perfectly with the skin tone. 2/ Using a brush, sculpt the contours of the face with a slightly darker shade. The contrast between the two foundations accentuates the contouring effect...

- Option 2: in OFF mode

State of mind? Total and utter peace... With just one obsession: to release the physical and mental pressure.

The makeup wish? Skin that is both fresh and radiant.

The tip? For a natural result, try working the foundation in with your finger. A small amount of product applied to blemishes and imperfection zones is enough to smooth the skin's texture. To reinforce the "healthy-glow effect": Use a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear, Lancôme.