With the return of the sunny weather: matte or shiny lips?

With the return of the sunny weather: matte or shiny lips?

German Moyano has an instant reply to this question: "Both!" Here the challenge is knowing how and at what time of day to accentuate them. The Lancôme makeup artist has his own idea for this…

– Shiny lips –

The beauty trend: A shiny mouth that is super fresh and radiating... In a word, colored yet transparent for an effortlessly chic result," explains German Moyano. "I call it SMOKY LIPS!"

And how do you create the effect?Good news: You don't need to be a professional makeup artist to do it. "You simply dab a little of the shade onto the center of the lips before spreading it towards the outer corners of the lips... With its cushion, which is really gentle on the lips and enables you to regulate the intensity of the application, the Juicy Shaker is simply perfect," ensures German Moyano.

Juicy Shaker, #283 Berry In Love, Lancôme. matte

– Matte lips –

The beauty trend: "Intense matte red has been a winner for several seasons now, as it is covers the lips entirely," says German Moyano. "It's understandable as it refines the look through one single gesture... If you can master the technique!"

And how do you create the effect? "First of all you need to exfoliate the lips. Then you apply a balm and allow it to soak in for refreshed-looking lips. Afterwards you define the contour of the lips using a lip liner, for example. Note: If you take the time to finely draw the contours, the next step will only take a couple of seconds. All that remains is to apply color to the lips using the Matte Shaker, which has twice the pigment concentration of a classic red lipstick, and is twice as light for a second-skin effect that lasts all night long," says German Moyano.

Le Lip Liner #132 Caprice, Lancôme. Matte Shaker #374 Kiss me Chérie, Lancôme.