The anti-shine ritual for sunny days

When sunny weather makes a come-back, the trend for matte skin clearly takes the upper hand. During this season, skin that is too shiny, too sticky or too moist can look grubby. Especially if you play outdoor sport. Which explains the desire for completely pure formulas that remove the slightest of impurities, like blotting paper for the skin, leaving its surface with a peach-like texture.

The purifying mask with white clay. Applied twice a week to the entire face, avoiding the eye area and the lips, this kaolin mask dries the surface of the skin while capturing the excess sebum and all kinds of impurities.
Pure Empreinte, Lancôme.

The mattifying cleansing gel. Used both in the morning and the evening to cleanse the skin of all impurities that can affect its uniformity and lead to a dull complexion. A special mention for its gel formula that transforms into a gentle and creamy mousse once it comes into contact with water.
Gel Pure Focus, Lancôme.

The astringent toner. By removing the final traces of impurities and closing the pores, this toner leaves the skin feeling clean and matte, ready for the cream to be applied straight after.
Tonique Pure Focus, Lancôme.

Extra tips… For a complexion with a perfect finish for 24 hours, despite the periods of hot weather, and without compromising on comfort, choose Teint Idole Ultra Wear from the outset. Applied to the entire face using a sponge, it evens out and refines the skin. Applied using a brush on areas that tend to be shiny, it is the signature product of the season.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear, Lancôme.

Anti Shine Products