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Advanced Génifique Serum Set


With an estimated value of $271, your Mother's Day set includes: ● Advanced Génifique Serum 50ml ● A ... Read full description

Advanced Genifique Serum Set

Advanced Génifique Serum Set

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Advanced Génifique Serum Set

For someone so important, it might be hard to find the right words, so find the right gift! Lancôme invites you to thank your mother for everything she has passed down to you and to celebrate the precious link between you. Treasure your mom with Lancôme: share your love and tell her how important she is with our precious.

With an estimated value of $271, your Mother's Day set includes:
• Advanced Génifique Serum 50ml
• Advanced Génifique Eye Cream 5ml
• Advanced Génifique Light Pearl Yeux 5ml
• Rénergie H.P.N. Cream 15ml


Lancôme invites you to embrace the joy of gifting and show your love for Mom with a collection of exquisite gift sets. Meticulously crafted, each set is designed to make each mother feel truly unique and exceptionally beautiful.

Advanced Génifique Serum:
There are several benefits to including this skin serum in your anti-aging skincare routine: Skin hydration in one dropper, 24-Hour Hydration in just one application. Strengthens the skin barrier so skin recovers +77% faster in just 1 hour. Smoother, more radiant skin in 7 days.1 Bottle to improve 10 signs of aging including: Wrinkles -46%, Skin Firmness +48%, Skin Radiance +52%, Skin Texture +57%, Even Skin Tone +42%.

Advanced Génifique Crème Yeux:
Instant results now clinically proven: more Radiant Eye Contour: +18%, reduced Fine Lines under eyes -21%, Smoother Eye Contour: +52%, Skin recovers +70% faster. Women see the difference after 7 days and after 1 jar of Génifique eye cream.

Advanced Génifique Light Pearl:
This anti-aging serum reduces the appearance of under eye bags, crow’s feet, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. It also ensures radiant skin, with the eye area appearing brighter, smoother and visibly younger.

Rénergie H.P.N. 300 Peptides Cream:
Week 1: wrinkles on face and neck become less marked, skin gains new firmness, and sagging areas start showing significant improvement, Proven results on radiance.
Week 2: Results accelerate with clinical gains in elasticity and plumpness, skin appears smoother, tone evenness and hydration is already significantly improved.
Week 8: +27% lifting, +38% firmness, +35% elasticity*, +48% smoothness and -21% wrinkles*, +22% skin tone evenness and hydration*


Advanced Génifique Sérum:
After cleansing, apply your serum as the first step in your routine, in the morning and at night. Spread the anti-aging serum with your hands across the forehead, cheeks, chin and down the neck onto the décolletage.

Advanced Génifique Light Pearl:
1. Take one drop of formula with the applicator and apply brightening serum on both eye contours.
2. Use delicate circular movements under and above the eye with the 360° Light Pearl™ applicator.

Advanced Génifique Eye Cream:
Blend a small amount of eye cream between fingertips and gently sweep under and above the eye contour, finishing with gentle strokes along the crow’s feet. Repeat all movements 3 times. Use your fingertips to make rapid tapping movements around the eye contour to help stimulate skin.

Rénergie H.P.N. 300-Peptides Cream:
Apply Rénergie H.P.N. 300-Peptides cream to reinforce all the benefits of the previous step in addition to promoting skin regeneration.

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